Developing sustainable organisations

From complex societal challenges to ambitious sustainability strategies At Sustenuto, we translate complex societal challenges into crystal-clear strategies, aligned with the sector in which the company operates and tailored to the ambition of the board and management. These strategies then guide the development of sustainability roadmaps and action plans that… Read More

Shaping sustainable products

Making sustainable products a reality At Sustenuto, we have a team of product developers that guide companies to incorporate sustainability in their product design. We advise on innovation that adds true value for our customers and for society.  We ensure the integration of circularity in products, and support companies to… Read More

Building sustainable brands

From ambitious sustainability strategies to captivating stories Sustenuto combines a profound expertise in sustainable development with thorough experience in communications. By integrating sustainability into the corporate communication strategy, we build an organisation’s reputation and grow its business. We translate sustainability roadmaps into clear storylines and communications strategies. These serve… Read More

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