From ambitious sustainability strategies to captivating stories

Sustenuto combines a profound expertise in sustainable development with thorough experience in communications. By integrating sustainability into the corporate communication strategy, we build an organisation’s reputation and grow its business.

We translate sustainability roadmaps into clear storylines and communications strategies. These serve as a springboard for compelling messages that will convince and engage all relevant audiences, such as shareholders, employees, the public, press, and authorities.

Turning sustainability objectives into meaningful solutions for customers

Sustainable marketing strategies can make the difference through the education, engagement, collaboration, and activation of target audiences. At Sustenuto, we support companies to integrate sustainability in their marketing strategy, safeguarding sustainability practices in all phases of the marketing funnel. 

We also develop brands and firmly position their unique value proposition in the market. We design awareness activities that make those brands stand out through authenticity. No greenwashing, but meaningful marketing.

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