Making sustainable products a reality

At Sustenuto, we have a team of product developers that guide companies to incorporate sustainability in their product design. We advise on innovation that adds true value for our customers and for society. 

We ensure the integration of circularity in products, and support companies to develop a corresponding sustainable business model and brand architecture. We apply our expertise to any scale: from individual products to a global approach for sustainable portfolio management. 

Strengthening circular economy in product certification

Through our subsidiary C2C Platform, we make products sustainable and circular from the start. C2C Platform is an accredited assessment body for Cradle to Cradle Certified ® certification, the leading product certification standard for powering a circular economy. The C2C Certified® Product Standard uses a science-based approach that focuses on safe, circular, and responsibly made products.

C2C Platform operates globally, certifying a wide range of products from consumer goods and textiles to electronics and construction products. In addition, they advise and coach property developers and contractors in the construction industry on the definition and implementation of circularity requirements. From complete large-scale projects to the finest of details, C2C Platform help companies build circularity into the core of their products.

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