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Core team

Dirk Le Roy – Managing Director

Dirk is the founder and managing director of Sustenuto and C2C Platform. He’s a born coach, working directly with industry leaders, public entities, and knowledge centres to progress sustainable development.

Benoît Simonart – Senior Advisor Sustainability

Benoît helps companies create value for the planet and society through sustainability. He specialises in strategy development, stakeholder management, objectives setting, and reporting.

Wim Verbeke – Senior Advisor Sustainability

Wim is an expert in vision building, method development and sustainability innovation. Equipped with extensive experience in future thinking and innovation, Wim guides companies throughout their ESG due diligence processes.

Virginie Hoet – Associate Senior Advisor

Virginie combines her corporate expertise with her knowledge on sustainability management and financial institutions. She is a certified B Leader, guiding businesses through the B Corp Certification process.

Kristof Debrabandere – Senior Sustainability Coach

Kristof is an experienced corporate responsibility coach and coordinator of C2C Platform. He is passionate about integrating corporate responsibility in business strategies to benefit companies’ bottom-line as well as society.

Evelyne Van Cleven – Sustainability Communications Advisor

Evelyne transforms the sustainability commitments of organisations into authentic and captivating messaging. She specialises in strategy development, stakeholder relations, brand awareness, and reputation management.

Melvin Laurent – Sustainability Coach

Melvin takes up the role of interim CSR and sustainability manager in multiple companies. He leads sustainability and non-financial reporting projects, and guides companies through B Corp certification processes.

Philippe Weiler – Associate Strategic Advisor

Philippe frequently assists us with strategic advice on sustainability topics. Currently managing director of Fairtrade Belgium, he was previously awarded CSR Professional of the Year in 2020 and has an impressive portfolio of implementing sustainability strategies at the core of companies.

Julien Coppens – Senior Sustainability Coach

With a solid background as managing director of the social business Les Petits Riens, Julien helps companies become environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable by finding a strategic equilibrium between People, Planet, and Profit.

Sofie Bracke – Senior Sustainability Advisor

Sofie has more than 17 years’ experience in helping public and private actors solve complex challenges for converging environmental goals with economic activities. She helps our clients step up their sustainability efforts with her strong analytical and interpersonal skills, building bridges between topics and people to design smart and effective solutions.