Meet Sustenuto

Sustenuto is a strategic sustainability consulting firm. We develop sustainability for organisations that wish to make a difference in society.

Our mission

Sustainability allows society to advance the wellbeing of all without compromising our planet. It minimises the negative impacts of human activity, while leveraging positive development to drive social and environmental prosperity.

While sustainable development should be a natural thing to do, it requires dedication. It calls for experts who coach stakeholders on best practices. Successful sustainable development needs a framework with tangible objectives and continuous action.

At Sustenuto, we enable organisations to embrace their social responsibility, truly act to their core values, and pursue a greater purpose. We develop sustainability strategies and measurable action plans that create sustainable products and brands. With a focus on strategic advice and a tailored method, we deliver quality results in sustainable development.

Our team

We are a team of passionate sustainability advisors from different sectors and diverse backgrounds. We tap into our combined experience as executive coaches and sustainability experts to develop sustainability strategies, products, and brands.

As true partners of our customers, we offer end-to-end collaborative solutions, ensuring tangible results. Sustenuto is committed to a holistic and practical model for sustainable business practices. Our team values reflect this shared vision.

Meet our team

Our name

The name Sustenuto is inspired by the Italian musical term sostenuto, which means “sustained”. The sostenuto pedal on a piano allows the pianist to sustain notes while playing the melody. This layering of tones supports the piece and elevates the music.

At Sustenuto, we sustain and elevate a company’s purpose to create positive impact for all. Through our work, we help companies integrate sustainability in their melody.

Merging the musical expression with sustainability, Sustenuto symbolises an unwavering attention to fulfil our mission.

Our values

Responsibility beyond integrity

Responsibility is the core value of sustainability. Grounded on integrity, it is our compass that guides us in everything we do for our customers, our partners, and society.

Empathy leading to respect

Sustainable development starts with respect for others. We build respectful environments by creating understanding for the perspectives of all parties involved.

Involvement driving excellence

Our colleagues dive deep into the sustainability challenges of our customers. Through long-term partnerships, we deliver quality results.

Resilience through passion

We are passionate about sustainability. Our drive keeps us striving for our common purpose, no matter the challenge.

“Leadership is not about necessarily being the loudest in the room, but instead being the bridge, or the thing that is missing in the discussion and trying to build a consensus from there. ”

Jacinda Ardern


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